We enhance People home living experience,

by providing modern and sustainable solutions for a clean, green and pest free household domain

About Kollant  

A leading European plant care & biocides provider

Established in the 1960s as a producer of glue for footwear in the Venetian luxury production district, Kollant has been able to grow over the years, while maintaining the distinctive features of its identity as a producer of glues and mastics, differentiating its growth in several market segments. Today Kollant is known all over the world as a manufacturer and formulator of plant care and biocides solutions for the protection from insects and rodents. Acquired in the 2000s by one of the most important multinationals in the world for the agricultural market, today Kollant is an international protagonist, able to have access to formulation and technological innovations positioning it among the best performing companies in the sector.


Our values and purpose are about who we are as a company. They are our DNA and they serve as a compass that guides our behaviors.

Getting it done

Our get it done attitude drives us to constantly seek better, more effective solutions for our customers with energy and enthusiasm. We roll up our sleeves to meet their challenges, keep our promises and deliver results. Pragmastim is at the core of our actions.

Creating simplicity

We keep things simple. That’s because we get how complex and challenging your business can be. We bring a straightforward and clear approach to doing business with our customers and work hard to make consumers lives easier with effective, easy-to-use solutions.

Empowering people

Each of us has the freedom to act, to bring new ideas and improve the solutions we provide our customers. We’re empowered to take initiative and to think entrepreneurially. This goes together with a commitment to inspire and help our partners having a sustainable impact.


Our passion is the fuel that propels us. We’re passionate about what we do and about the role we play in enhancing consumers’ home living experience. We investigate problems and solutions with true curiosity and solid competence. We responbily care about the Planet and its inhabitants


The Product Development and Regulatory department is constantly focused on collecting and elaborating inputs from the market, with the aim to turn them into a products portfolio which optimally fits the evolving customer needs.

The daily challenge is a costant effort to identify and bring to life solutions which meet the continuosly changing regulatory requirements and, at the same time, satisfy the customers needs generating an improved user experience.

For us, the R&D lab is a highly active forge to: – develop and test unique innovative solutions – support up-scaling and indstrialization of manufacturing tecnologies and processes – monitor product quality and ensure our marketed solutions meet the highest standards


The manufacturing operations are an integral and distinctive element of Kollant core activities.
The identity as a manufacturer dates back to the 60s and it has kept evolving up to the present, positioning the Company for the highly specific skillset and assets. As a manufacturer, Kollant does not only focus on the consumer plant health and biocides solutions, but it extend its operations to the professional crop protection industry. As a matter of fact, Kollant is the Adama Group center of expertise for rodenticides, molluscicides and WDG formulations.


The journey that leads to certifications such as those obtained by Kollant requires an effort which many companies are uncapable of. Getting a certification is a structured journey which requires internal capabilities and a strong focus on continuous improvement. Each company function is required to contribute in a relevant manner to the process, whcih is regularly repeated and update before the certification would expire.

How would customers benefit from Kollant certifications?

Each certificate guarantees the quality standard is respected also by upstream providers. In this way the certificate fosters a virtous approach across the whole value chain and each player is motivated to implement operational excellence. Through this integrated approach, the entire value chain is oriented towards quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Kollant quality system implies a contant monitoring and selection of providers and raw materials, to ensure they fully meet the required quality standards, as well as the sistematical check of internal activities and finished goods.
With this approach Kollant always provides high quality sustainable products.


Kollant’s daily focus is the fulfillment of Customers requirements.


The Quality Certifications ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and45000:2018 attested by SQS are the first value for a long term trust based relationship with the Customer.


The QUALITY of product and services is continuously monitored by raw material analysis ad by manufacturing process kpi.